Monday - Thursday 7am - 10pm
Friday - Saturday 7am - 11:59pm

780 East 700 North Logan, UT, 84321 United States

Darwin Ave - 435-535-3276 (Deliveries) Blue Square - 435-213-3650 St George - 435 -359-4439


Did you know Morty's Cafe isn't a "Cafe" in name only? We have a fabulous espresso menu available with Lattes, Mochas and more!


The Wasatch Roasting Company in Ogden, Utah & our Head Chef have teamed up to create a customized Morty’s Cafe blend. The blend consists of Costa Rican, Ethiopian, and Colombian beans. This espresso has a buttery flavor with hints of cinnamon and citrus to create a delicious mixture!

We also offer cold brewed, nitro infused coffee on tap, as well as, Ogden's Sunnte's Kombucha.

Our selection of almond milk & soy milk are crafted to ensure each drink contains the same structured foam that traditional milk drinks provide.

Our drip coffee is a smooth, all-day columbian light in acidity and mild in flavor.

In house, we offer- Espresso, Americano, Latte, Mocha, London Fogs, Big Train Oregon Chai and Cappuccinos, as well as, most other requests. 

Iced or hot drinks are available always. We have vanilla, caramel, homemade marshmallows, & our own chocolate blend for our hot chocolates.

We feature a fully compostable cup & lid combination OR you can bring in your own mug!

What a great way to stay warm!

LOGAN: 780 E 700 N STE 110 • 435-535-3276  • ST. GEORGE:702 E ST GEORGE BLVD • 435-359-4439 •