Monday - Thursday 7am - 10pm
Friday - Saturday 7am - 11:59pm

780 East 700 North Logan, UT, 84321 United States

Darwin Ave - 435-535-3276 (Deliveries) Blue Square - 435-213-3650 St George - 435 -359-4439

Why did we decide to open a café?

The idea for Morty's began several years ago after a small house was bought on Darwin avenue in Logan, Utah. The property was in rough shape, but its proximity to Utah State University was unbeatable. It was practically on campus.

Soon after the purchase of the property, Logan City made the decision to rezone the neighborhood to be "mixed use", meaning properties could be developed to be part residential, part commercial. With a house which was beginning to deteriorate and the newly rezoned area, the decision was made to build something new. This is when the concept of Morty's was born!

Many college campuses across the country have small storefront areas which lie just outside school boundaries.  Culture and commerce flourish in these types of pockets because they aren't tied down by rigid policies and bureaucracy found in many large academic institutions. Independently owned pubs, restaurants and cafes can provide a very unique experience compared to the food courts and cafeterias run by the university.

Utah State University's campus grounds are truly beautiful and inspiring, but it has lacked this aspect of campus life. Many students feel disconnected from local business, especially those without cars. We hope Morty's will change this.

Our menu will consist of items made from local ingredients to create a unique experience. Items like hamburgers, fries, salads, coffee, and baked goods. 

Our rooftop balcony features a spectacular view of the valley and will be open to the public. Patrons are free to eat their food on the balcony while they take in the view. Occasionally we'll have live music playing, and the balcony can be reserved for small private parties.

Our hope is that Morty's will add value to the area and to the community overall. We appreciate your support and excitement!

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LOGAN: 780 E 700 N STE 110 • 435-535-3276  • ST. GEORGE:702 E ST GEORGE BLVD • 435-359-4439 •